1. Before sending the product the Complaint Card has to be downloaded from our website, filled out and sent to the customer service department.



2. In the top right corner of the card there is a space for the complaint number. We kindly ask you to create based on the following formula: date of filling out the complaint (YYYY.MM.DD.) and the name of your company or your own name. E.g.: “2018.06.20.CORRECT”.

3. Next, please pack the product in safe manner and attach the Complaint Card along with a proof of purchase. THE PRODUCT HAS TO BE CLEAN AND DRY!

4. Should we receive a product that is dirty and/or wet, we reserve the right to decline the complaint. The reasons for such a measure are servicing possibilities as well as the health and safety of our employees.

5. After the product is packed, we kindly ask to send the product – dependent on the product’s type – to one of the following addresses: PROS, ul. Jedwabnicza 2, 62-700 Turek, POLAND (if the product are trouser-shoes, shoes or waders), or to PROS, ul. Bursztynowa 96, Modła Królewska, 62-571 Stare Miasto, POLAND (for all other types of products). To further accelerate the process, please place the complaint number on the package in a visible manner.

6. The complaint will be evaluated during the course of 14 days after its sending date.

7. The administrator of you personal data is AJ Group Sp. z o.o., with its headquarters in Bursztynowa 96, Modła Królewska, 62-571 Stare Miasto, POLAND.

Your data shall only be processed in relation to evaluating the complaint. The basis of processing your data is the performance of our legally reasonable interests as administrators i.e. communicating with the users of our website.

Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to consider the complaint. You have the right to demand access to your personal data from the administrator, to correct them, delete them or otherwise limit their processing, as well as the right to disagree with its current processing, the right to transfer the data or to file a complaint with the supervising body.

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